About us

GUMIMETAL TEHNIK Ltd. began as a family business in 1989. Through constant business development and ambitious investment in our employees and technology, we have captured a significant market share and continue to transfer our many years of experience and “know-how” into production processes.

During this time, we have very successfully developed the production of spare parts and equipment for the oil industry, for a broad range of metal-processing and production industries, and for the manufacture of rubber-technical goods for various branches of the economy. The production of individual machine parts or equipment, as well as rubber technical goods, is carried out according to drawings or models. We also provide metal processing services: turning work, grinding, milling etc.

Meeting our client’s expectations with our production processes and high quality materials and on- time delivery is our priority.

With our long experience, equipment, and technical knowledge we are able to satisfy the highest criteria and demands of our clients.